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6 Shocking Vodka Benefits


Benefits of Vodka

Health benefits of vodka include better cardiovascular health, reduction in stress, and relief from toothaches and bad breath. Its astringent nature helps in keeping the skin healthy and promotes hair growth. It also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, which helps in disinfecting the wounds and works as an effective cleaning agent.

What Is Vodka?

It is a popular beverage which is generally composed of ethanol and water. It is a trendy drink which often scores quite well in the bar menu presented in restaurants, parties or small gatherings. Attributing to the versatility of colorless, flavorless vodka which merges seamlessly well with other drinks without disturbing or neutralizing the flavor of the additional ingredients, makes it one of the preferred choices amongst alcoholic beverages.

It is used in the preparation of a variety of popular cocktails such as vodka martini, vodka tonic, and Bloody Mary. The name ‘vodka’ evolved from ‘voda’, a Slavic word which literally means ‘water’.  It is generally produced by the distillation of any plant matter rich in starch or sugar including various grains such as corn, rye, wheat, and other materials like potatoes, grapes, and soybeans.

Traditional preparation of vodka usually aimed at maintaining an alcoholic value of 40% by volume. At present, the alcoholic content in it produced in different countries varies depending upon the standards set by them. The European vodkas maintain a minimum alcoholic content of 37.5%; while all the vodkas sold in the United States maintain a standard of minimum 30% alcohol by volume.

Vodka from other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Poland still has 40% alcohol content by volume. Other than alcoholic content, it can also be segregated into two main groups, .i.e. flavored and clear. Flavorings which are added to it include ginger, cinnamon, lemon, red pepper, vanilla, some special herbs, fruits, and spices and the preference widely varies in different parts of the world.

Origin Of Vodka

Historical origination of vodka still remains a topic of discussion and debates attributing to the lack of enough evidence available regarding its instigation. Some sources advocate the initial production of vodka to have occurred in Russia around the 9th century while others convey that it may have happened in Poland around the 8th century. For a number of centuries, this drink has been there quite differently from what it is today. This attributes to the fact that during earlier times, the spirit was originally used as a medication and was quite different with respect to its aroma, appearance, and flavor present today. The alcohol content present in the spirit was just 14% which is the maximum amount that can be managed using natural fermentation process.

Apart from being a hangout drink, the medicinal relation of vodka which existed in the early years of its existence has also been appreciated by the modern world and is used as a medicinal remedy attributing to its positive effects in a range of health conditions. In the recent decades, scientific research has supported the affirmative effects of consuming a moderate amount of it on the human metabolism.

Vodka Nutrition Facts

vodka benefits

It is a carbohydrate and sugar-free drink which provides very few calories when consumed neat or without any fat-based mixers. It offers no harmful cholesterol or fats.

Health Benefits Of Vodka

Vodka beverage is appreciated for its exclusive therapeutic value, both as a consumable medication as well as an external lotion which can be topically applied to the body. Health benefits of vodka which can contribute fruitfully in a range of conditions have been discussed as under:

Anesthetic Qualities

Vodka has been quite famously used in Russian folklore for curing practically all ailments ranging from just a mild headache to a condition of a common cold to a bad hangover. It is also used to make tinctures in the world of herbal medicines to be consumed orally or used topically as an anesthetic. Tinctures are usually prepared by soaking the preferred kind of leaves, flowers, and stem in vodka, which extracts the essential oils rich in healing qualities without asserting the flavor of the herbs. Freezing a plastic bag filled with vodka and applying it as an ice pack on aches helps in numbing the pain.

Skin Care & Hair Care

Vodka may come to your service as a beauty aid. It works wonderfully well on the skin and helps cleanse the pores and tighten them attributing to its astringent properties. It has been found quite useful in a variety of botanical beauty stuff such as cleansers, toners, and anti-acne products. It promotes healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and eliminating toxins from the hair. It also helps in treating the problem of dandruff and is used in the preparation of hair stimulating tonics and conditioners.

Relieves Toothache

Swishing little amount of vodka, maybe just a shot around an aching tooth may prove useful. Letting some of the vodkas get absorbed in the gums may help in reducing the pain in the infected area. When mixed with cinnamon in specific quantities it works as an effective mouthwash and cures bad breath.

Antiseptic Properties

Vodka has antiseptic qualities which help in preventing the development of infections from instances like an animal bite. Alcohol content present in it helps in sterilizing the wound. Colorless, flavorless vodka is useful as an extractive solvent and is used by the herbalists to make alcohol-based ointments. Such salves vaporize readily leaving behind only the curative properties of the specific herbs used. Avoid using vodka based liniments on dry, burned or sensitive skin unless mentioned in the instructions.

Apart from these, it helps cure the cold sores and helps disinfect the exposed dermis in an open blister. Vodka also helps in bringing down the fever when rubbed on the back and chest area. It helps in treating the problem of odorous feet and helps disinfect them. Vodka has diuretic properties which promote urination and easy flushing of toxins out of the body. Moderate amounts of vodka can prove to be a sensible choice while following a low-carb diet or weight-loss regime. It offers a low amount of calories with absolutely no carbohydrate content as against other alcoholic drinks like ‘beer’, which is high in carbohydrates. The idea is to drink it neat, on the rocks or mixing with something without many calories.

Protects Cardiovascular Health

Another benefit of drinking vodka is its protective effect against heart diseases. It has a dilating effect on the arteries which stimulates free flow of blood. Unobstructed flow of blood to the heart components prevents the developmentof major illnesses such as stroke and cardiac arrest. It also aids in promoting the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol in the body.

Reduces Stress

Among a range of alcoholic drinks present on the bar table, vodka may have better relaxation effect on an individual. As supported by scientific findings, it helps in decreasing the stress factor in the body more efficiently than other boozy drinks such as red wine. It has sleep-inducing properties and has a calming effect on the brain. These are the Health Benefits of Vodka.

Some FAQ’s

How much vodka is good for health?

Research proposes men (and ladies) who expend a couple of mixed beverages every day have a lower demise rate from coronary illness than teetotalers. The suggested safe admission for men is close to three units of liquor daily, or 21 units for every week.

What happens when you drink vodka?

At the point when you drink, liquor enters the circulation system through your stomach and small digestive tract. From that point it goes to the mind, and in light of the fact that it's a depressant, it hinders the elements of your body. Drinking liquor: Slows down your response time.

What happens if you drink vodka everyday?

Drinking an excessive amount of puts you in danger for certain tumors, for example, malignant growth of the mouth, throat, throat, liver and bosom. It can influence your resistant framework. On the off chance that you drink each day, or consistently, you may see that you come down with bugs, influenza or different ailments more as often as possible than individuals who don't drink.

Which alcohol is easiest on the liver?

Bellion Vodka is the first financially made liquor with NTX innovation — a glycyrrhizin, mannitol and potassium sorbate mix that is clinically demonstrated to be simpler on your liver

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