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Germany’s Most Beautiful Police Officer’ Is Now Single After Boyfriend Dumps Her

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Adrienne Koleszar  Germany’s Hot police officer who was named the most beautiful cop in Germany is officially back on the market.

The Break-Up

adrienne koleszar

A German police officer named Adrienne Koleszar had her boyfriend of 10 years have officially split. She posted about it on Instagram, saying “You were always my protection. And you’re infinitely more than that to me. 10 years, a lot happened, up and down, back and forth.”

Big Following

The insinuation here is that the split was cause by Adrienne Koleszar fame. She has been called Germany’s most beautiful police officer, and has 700,000 followers on Instagram. She’s a hot police officer form Germany.

Keep Laughing

adrienne koleszar

Yesterday, she posted this photo with a caption about the importance of laughing:

When I laugh, I’m not sad. Perhaps. Or I laugh, so you do not look at me that I’m sad. Perhaps. When I smile, I am the most beautiful, someone has said. Meaningless. I am perfect when I laugh. I am uncertain when I laugh. I like when I laugh. When I laugh, I know that I’m alive. That’s like breathing. And I like to laugh. Today, tomorrow, always.


adrienne koleszar age

In a video posted on New Year’s Eve, she announced she would be returning to the police force. Her boss told her she would need to cut down on the amount of Instagram posts she makes when she returns.


She has been gone from the police force for six months while she took a break to decide between modeling and police work.

Second Life Decision

She said this was her second big life decision of 2019, the other being the decision to move out of the home her and her boyfriend have shared.

Public Life

adrienne koleszar instagram

The post went on:

“You in the public. In a world you never wanted. But I wanted it. Absolutely. At any price. Nothing is as it seems. Now I say openly: We’re free. Two people. New chances. And yet, forever.”

‘Translation: [my boyfriend] and I have separated.’

Not Worried

In the video, she said she isn’t worried about returning to work:

‘I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol and working my shifts. I’m convinced it won’t hinder my work.’

10 Year Challenge

hot police officer

She also recently participated in the 10 year challenge, and posted a dramatic difference between 24 and 34 for her:

Good evening. I will participate. At the challenge. In which? Actually, it’s not a real challenge

Don’t Call Her That

Despite being bestowed the title of most beautiful police office in Germany, she doesn’t want to be called that:

I am nobody special. Stop saying that I’m not the most beautiful police officer in Germany. I do not insist on this medial created title. Stop telling me that I have an infinite number of repulsive pimples. I can not change that. Stop reproaching me for not being pretty enough. What does beautiful mean? Stop telling me I’m a bad role model. How do you feel about that? And stop imputing that you do not take me seriously on duty. You do not know me and you judge. Begin to change something fundamentally in your own life. I wish you all the best from my heart. A.

Look Ahead

To kick off December, she posted this message about looking ahead:

Looking back is nice and yet sometimes we lose ourselves in the past. If things had not happened in our past, we would not be the people of today. And I look ahead. There are things waiting, incredibly beautiful and incredibly big. I am ready ♡. Have everyone a wonderfully beautiful 1st Advent.

He’s an Idiot

hot police officer

Others think he’s crazy for letting her go:

Your boyfriend is an idiot for letting you get away.

If she ever needs a date, there are plenty of Internet commenters who’d love to take her out.

People Have Opinions


As always, the people of the Internet have feelings about all of this. One commenter agreed with the boyfriend’s decision to cut off the relationship:

Lol okay…. well the standard of beauty is different in Germany I suppose. I think her boyfriend was in his right to break up because maybe he wanted a regular down to earth like without every moment being recorded and posted to be shared with a world of strangers.

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