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18 Hilarious Engineering Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Home

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Every building, every institution, every bridge, every street, every dam, every fort, is standing tall is because of the engineers behind it. These engineers works really hard to make these building and roads. They work day and night for us. They have to study hard and work even harder to make a building. But then there are some engineers who we don’t know how they became an engineer? They are a shame in the name of ‘engineers’. Here, we bring you some disappointing yet hilarious images of the ‘engineers fail’ that will make you laugh and do ‘facepalm’ at the same time.

1. Should I enter or not?

2. Is there any gate that is really closed and locked?

3. OMG! I can’t open the drawer! Please give me a fork!

4. Why the stairs are there? Should we jump now or what?

5. Sit, if you can!

6. Really functional kitchen drawers!

7. OMG! I have never thought about this!

8. You will have “privacy” in these public toilets!


9. Go through the wall and then turn left or right, I’m not really sure!

10. Is that a garage and if it is, how do they park their car?

11. Where are the stairs?

12. Fail! Fail! Fail!

13. Kids let’s play basketball!

14. Let’s ride a bike?

15. Only for slim people!

16. Why the stairs are there or shy that door is there?

17. Where is the entry door?

18. What the heck?

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